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On the contrary.

I've seen many, many videos of "fireball" meteors, and this matches up perfectly with those. It also matches up perfectly with the idea of a freaking random space rock.

What I legitimately don't understand is why, with so many REAL conspiracies, you and people like you insist on taking very obviously natural events and immediately claiming HOLYCRAPITSACONSPIRACY.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say it was a weapon. Clearly, it's the most utterly useless and needlessly showy weapon ever developed if the results say anything. Why would they test it where everyone could see it?

Here's what we know:
- Rocks fall from space. Happens all the time.
- Sometimes they blow up - once again, not exactly a freak occurence.
- Occasionally, they make a dramatic fireball that's really pretty as they're flying.
- There is apparently an asteroid going by Earth right now. It probably has lots of little space rocks following it; it stands to reason that some of those would be pulled in by Earth's gravity.

Now, what, pray tell, indicates to you that this is not a space rock that happened to be pulled in by Earth's gravity?