Comment: I wonder what the mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters

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I wonder what the mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters

of these thugs think of their son, husband, boyfriend, father.
I'm sure those women also live in fear of them and spousal abuse by these thugs is very high but because the thug is 'on the job' and they all stick together, these women do not get heard or have the ability to bring them to justice.
Acording to this, "Police domestic violence nearly twice average rate"

Law enforcement officers beat their wives or girlfriends at nearly double the rate of the rest of the population, and trying to control that is not only difficult for the victims but potentially deadly, experts say.
"The biggest problem for a woman reporting that she's been abused by her police officer husband or boyfriend is that nobody believes you," said Diane Wetendorf of Chicago, who wrote a nationally used victim handbook, "Police Domestic Violence."
"If you do speak up, the police are very good at turning the accusations around," Wetendorf said. "The women get terrified, too, so the crime is very under-reported. There is a legitimate fear of retaliation."
Perhaps the most notorious case of domestic violence involving a law enforcement officer happened in 2003, when the police chief of Tacoma, Wash., shot his wife to death in front of their two children after she complained to officers that he had abused her. He then killed himself.
In November, San Jose police Officer Chris Shimek strangled his wife and then killed himself. Last month, a former police officer in Cambridge, Mass., shot three of his family members and himself to death.

The problem is also that government despots - from local to the top - love to have some kind of thug force patrolling their kingdoms and enforcing their 'laws' and keeping the people enslaved.

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