Comment: I can't believe so many

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I can't believe so many

fail to see the finacial records are being used as a 'smoke screen' to keep the real reason, Israel, out of the headlines. However, this is also being used to provide cover for those who it could harm politically for using Israel's welfare to determine our countries foreign policy. There are many people in the Liberty Movement who don't really understand the Israel equation works to undermine not only our foreign policy, but is also very connected to our economics, morality, and spirituality as a nation. I'm not sure if there are many who are ignorant to the whole picture, or subconsciously hoping Rand hasn't sold out to this faction. Raimondo and those from the American Conservative are making harsh accusations, but I believe they are doing this to hopefully make Rand realize what he is getting into and escape the blackmailing point of no return. It's a dagerous endevour to not be inline with the Lobby, AIPAC, but going along with them will try your mortal soul. Rand still has the chance to stand for good will or what some Christian's believe 'The Golden Rule', and draw the apostate following Christians, back to not only the True teachings of Christ, but convince them to join the Liberty movement. Rand has the opportunity to complete the vision of his father's purpose of following the Founder's intent of a Constitutional Republic, or join the force who is helping to detstroy it. The Fed and Israel are owned and controlled by the same people, so as he gets deeper into their trap, his stand against the Fed will begin to wane as well as his fight for personal Liberties.