Comment: I can understand its medical qualities

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I can understand its medical qualities

but I don't understand the 'recreational' side. Just like I don't understand drinking until you're buzzed/drunk. What's the point?
We all tend to want to 'escape from it all', but there is nothing beneficial by escaping into an induced high. It's unproductive. You might as well just sit in front of a TV and watch 'Dancing' or 'Idol'. There's no difference.
With so much out there to learn about and explore, there must be something better to do with your time than waste it in a drug-induced stupor.
I'm fortunate enough to have a garden to play in and I escape there. I'm looking at organic seed sites to figure out which new vegetables I'm going to try this year. To me, that's fun.
Sitting around doped up and finding everything laughable is not fun. I actually think it's sad and pathetic. Escaping like that is not the answer to your problems. We have such a short amount of time on this earth and every second is precious. I think we forget that.

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