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"Is this a network for liberty loving groups...?"
No, it's completely benign of any bias. It's fully driven by the weightings that people have chosen to value fact vs. opinion. There are other weights as well, but not relevant here. Everything is voted on before you can see the results but you can vote as often as you want. It simply takes the latest if doing a snapshot, otherwise it's a trend.

I'm convinced that by being the bastion of truth, that the Libertarian way will shine through. Our side is the only one with completely logical arguments behind are reasoning so I just went looking for a way to ensure that the facts can get verified and can stand out against the opinion. My thinking also is that when the two are drastically opposed, people will begin to see how biased their thinking is.

This concept applies to all debate on all topics, so in effect, it becomes an archive for facts, supporting links, public opinion and supporting arguments on a given topic. Then, to make it even more compelling, it links any topic to any other in a dependent or precedent manner so people can drill down into the "why" something is not as they thought it should be.

All those other sites you listed should easily be able to embed a widget showing a live or snapshot poll to entice viewers to go on recon. That recon could even include graphing the info against a host of demographics. (Anonymity there was key and tricky)

If you have any comrades in development that could assist, let me know via PM. If we can get enough help, we could do this pretty easy.