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How Google operates their

How Google operates their algorithm is irrelevant. If Ron is upset about Google's algorithm wrongfully directing traffic to instead of Ron's own personal website, then he should be suing Google. It's not the obligation of the law, ICANN, or domain name holders to adjust ownership privileges based on the ever-changing algorithms of thousands of search engines (Google included) that move up and down in popularity and influence every second.

A fan site by definition is about the fans and their mutual interest in a certain topic/person/etc. There is no law prohibiting fan sites from being the name of the shared interest. has lots of fan-created material about Ron and the r3volution paired with articles of interest to Ron Paul fans, just like any other Ron Paul fan site.

Is the logo for RonPaulForums the image of Ron Paul? Is the logo for DailyPaul the image of Ron Paul's surname? Are these websites all about Ron Paul and the Ron Paul movement? Aren't these logos advertising these websites through the use of Ron's name and image? Aren't they selling themselves to their advertisers based on their traffic and isn't that traffic generated by the use of Ron's name and image? Should the owners of DailyPaul and RonPaulFourms be prohibited from selling their sites to Dr. Paul?