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it SEEMS to be getting to that point... virtue of using the "coin of the realm"(debt notes) in order to "access" any and nearly all forms of creature comforts, participate in humanity by employment, media, education or whatever...we sign up to submit to whatever "contract law" regardless of our ignorance to it's illegitimacy in the face of natural law, human rights, or God-given rights.

Until "enough" people rise up to throw this thing off of us, dethrone the deceivers who KNEW the love of money would carry us away from loving the Creator and His perfect laws....we'll just keep chugging along frustrated at "everyone else" who refuses/rejects the FREE education....just like the refuse/reject the invitation to absorb the physics of 9/11, that indicts whomever unquestionably!

Why is THIS man in a Federal prison? Because he was persuading dumbed-down Christians that the church has married the State once again....for...the LOVE of MONEY!