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NOTHING is honest anymore!

It's pretty obvious the powers-that-be are selling large positions in Gold & putting the cash into the STOCK MARKET. That's why it's really hard to get a market correction. The markets are at all-time 5 year highs. But, I think we should be fully invested in this market. The fact nobody wants it to go higher, to me, means it will. At least, the DOW should hit 14,198 before any kind of meaningful pullback which I doubt will be more than 300 points.

Because of the extensive corruption in our markets and our money, we are at the MERCY of the CENTRAL BANKERS. If they want to crash the markets, they will, and they can. If they want to "front-run" more money through them, they will, and they can.

It is a VERY SAD DAY that we now realize after 100 years of this corrupt group of ultra-rich elite people who own the Federal Reserve banks and who have huge interests in certain corporations, the banks like JPMorgan & Goldman Sachs, that we have come to the reality of this shocking situation.