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what I left out was .. its like that scene in Lincoln with Lincoln getting the abolitionist to compromise for the good of the movement.. In the end everyone hear wants Ron Paul or some one similar.. I just don't want to get caught up in the side shows and being looked at as a joke.... When Ron Paul was running it was exciting to see him talk and get excitement.. and what I see now is a void.. I read the main page and nothing strikes me as interesting.. good example.. gun control.. here is my take:

Every law abiding citizen should be able to own a gun. But Im fine with compromise and limiting the rounds etc.... As long as it still serves to point of being able to defend/hunt.. Most people here are like NO!! ITS OUR WAY OR NOTHING!!

And I guess that is what Rand is doing.. But me being an agnostic.. I really can't stand organized religions and listening to politicians etc.. But Ok.. some people are into that... so the 2016 Election seems to me

Democrat: The next in line (Hilary)
Republican: Rand Paul (attempt to unite libertarians with republicans)
Libertarian: ???

For me, Id prefer a clean break from the 2 party system .. anyways I need to make a margarita.

I guess what Im saying is we are all on the same side.. so for the sake of us all I hope 2016 is the year the libertarians can become mains stream.. its silly to get angry and do the name calling... why can't we just respectfully disagree without the cyber HMMPH!!