Comment: Thanks for the thoughtful reply

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply

I can certainly understand where you're coming from. I too donated when I couldn't afford to, as did many many others. Put yourself in RP's shoes though. None of us have sacrificed even a scintilla of what RP himself has. He sacrificed so much time and energy over 30 years, practically all alone, battling in congress to protect and defend our best interests. He refused the lucrative pension plan that all other congressmen accept. He took on 2 presidential runs when most other politicians would retire and bask in the wealth acquired through corrupt dealings and govt. entitlements. Apparently, he didn't want to run. People like us begged him to do it, so he did.

The owners of didn't donate any money to the campaign (they can't, they're foreigners) nor to C4L (which they could have) though merchandise for sale with RP's name and image make up about half of their website content. The articles are of the cut 'n paste variety. They claim they've worked and sweated for years to keep the webpage up. Admittedly, I don't have much experience creating and maintaining websites, but I took a dreamweaver class and found that once the original webpage is built (which could take less than one day if you know what you're doing), cutting and pasting text and inserting photos and captions in a simple format like the one on doesn't take much work, much less sweat. It would be more like a hobby than a full-time job for one person. In any case, RP doesn't even want the website, just the domain.

Who gave the name Ron Paul (and hence, the domain value...the owners of the domain or the man himself who worked all his life to build up a spotless reputation? I don't think RP asked for the domain for free, he had the site appraised at $50,000. For "grassroots supporters" to ask him for $800,000 or $250,000 for the domain is like a kick in the teeth, imo. I think that's pretty disappointing too, and I think they're the ones who're getting a free pass by many here.