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Comment: As far as the whole

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As far as the whole

"greedy/hypocrite" thing.
If he is being greedy he is allowed to be. I am not sure he is necessarily being greedy to begin with, but again... he is not in the wrong to set a price for his services.

The hypocrite thing... the whole debacle is none of my business. I trust him to take care of his business as he sees fit, so it is hard for me to call him a hypocrite there because, once again... it is not my business.

I'll defend Ron Paul when push comes to shove, but I don't think he needs me to do it. He is capable of defending himself. Yes, I'll usually give him the benefit of the doubt, but there is no one in this whole world who I can say I will always support no matter what (ok, maybe there are 1 or 2 people, but they are people I know).