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Comment: Well, as far as any down

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Well, as far as any down

Well, as far as any down votes goes, your title is like baiting a constitutionalist/libertarian to down vote because it sounds so opposite of what many believe here.

having read further down than the title, you do counter what your title says by explaining that we shouldn't blindly follow anyone. I do agree with you that Ron's character is being attacked. And this whole fiasco is small potatoes compared to the man's history in fighting for liberty. En-light of what I know about Ron Paul, theres a really good chance that the actions taken by him or his staff have merit or are reasonable. People are quick to judge Ronpaul even within the movement. If the same thing happened to Ron Paul, what makes you think it wont happen to you?

In my opinion a quick change of the title would get rid of most of the down votes.