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SMH - man I upvoted you

and you STILL have 13 downvotes. I guess I'll be joining you soon - LOL.

Joking aside, people, specifically liberty minded people, have no idea that police are taught to act a certain way when confronting an individual. Both you and I agree that they were EXCESSIVE and went TOO FAR. However, having said that, police are basically programmed into doing things a certain way - even if it DOESN'T make sense.

Just like those that are awake and no longer sheep are in the minority, well the same goes for cops. MANY LACK common sense and just go BY THE BOOK of WHAT AND HOW they are taught to react. They are also warned that if they don't follow these guidelines, they CAN'T AND WON'T be backed by their department.

This is in NO WAY to defend how they acted. But it was just to point out that it does go a little deeper than them JUST being A55HOLES. Having said that, these cops are still A55HOLES.