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Correct me if I'm wrong but

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Ron Paul win the straw poll at CPAC for the past two years? Seems as though he has had a ton of success there. Since he is no longer a Congressman he could speak more freely and fire more people up, especially on that type of platform. Besides, I'm tired of hearing about his staff. I firmly believe Benton caused a lot of problems during the campaign. Scratch me off the donor list for Campaign for Liberty and moneybombs as long as he has an agent and its about business more than the message.

People say time is money on here, and I agree to a certain extent. However, I spend a lot of time, and donate when I can. I'm sure I'm like most on here because we care and want a positive change. And like most on here, we are not turning a profit for our time and support. I'm not asking him to be the next Jesus. I would just expect him to consider all of us poor bastards who don't make 50k in a year, but still donate to this movement. If he doesn't want to do CPAC, then he shouldn't do it. If the reason is, Ron's agent says it's a no go without the cash, that bugs me. Why pay anything when they can pick up the phone and schedule another establishment shill to fill the spot for nothing? It portrays the other speaker as more concerned for taking the time to address those in attendance, and makes it seem as though Ron is shallow. When you're as old as Ron is, and as far has his message has come, what the hell is 50 thousand dollars?