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Comment: I want to show off my rEVOLution car badge :D

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I want to show off my rEVOLution car badge :D

I uploaded a picture on my profile. What do you suggest I do next in order to show it off?

The poster, ProudAmericanFirst, after his shock at my audacity to beg him for a rEVOLution car badge (my lame attempt to practice my, "How the hell do I legally solict support for the CA GOP convention, which I am a delegate, who, despite my committee not helping me? (I'm asking them tomorrow to help me because we should have had a fundraiser.. but) I don't have the legal facts, and I don't want to be tossed off the committee for misapproproated funds, or something because I didn't KNOW the rules.

((((((((PAF)))))))) Sent me the rEVOLution car-badge and a video he produced that is supposed to be education (haven't been able to watch all of it yet). It is very painful to watch because it begins with Romney. It's as if PAF is, "shoving my face in it". And he sent me one of his nice letters to national delegates, (which I earned), and some Amash flyers, that I will copy and share at the convention.

So is there a way I can show off my rEVOLution car-badge to tell (((((PAF))))), "THANK YOU!!!"?