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Comment: I think he's legit

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I think he's legit

I saw a special about him a couple of years ago. I think it was on 60 minutes, not sure; was some news show. Profiled his meager upbringing and how he beat the odds and excelled. Also, showed his humanitarian side, more so than just being a doctor. Really went out of his way to help children with serious neurosurgical problems, oftentimes pro bono.

What is most impressive about him as far as I am concerned is his courage to stand up against the PC police. I think what gives him this courage is what he says; just plain old common road walking sense.

It appears to me he also draws alot of his strength from his belief in God and Jesus. I suspect this is the venue whereby the naysayers will try to attack him. As far as I can tell, they really don't have anything else to go after.

If he runs.....I am very interested in getting behind him. Would need to hear his foregin policy philosophy and his views on the 2nd amendment and all the gun grabbing stuff/talk going on. I think he is likely very hesitant to spend dollars on war as he specifically discussed how Rome bankrupted itself with the same.