Comment: get off the ron paul horse?

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get off the ron paul horse?

That's not it.

Rand is for the Republican wing of the rEVOLution.. those who do not belong to the rEVOLution are part of the liberty movement. The rEVOLution is part of the liberty movement, but the liberty movement is not part of the rEVOLution. This means, we get different messages.

Ron Paul will talk to Liberty Movement, Rand will talk to rEVOLution.

Karl Rove came up with a VICTORY PAC, whihc is designed to keep the neos in and put us out.. Rubio got $30M from the GOP, and they are dissing Rand, big time.. so for us in the rEVOLution, it is interesting in that the Liberty Movement and NBeocons have the same agenda.. not supporting us.