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Comment: Here's the bill they want to renew:

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Here's the bill they want to renew:

Here's the bill they want to renew:

Lookup and count how many times the term "grants" appear. And what they amount to, and where they will go to.

It's all what it is about. Buddy money.

Julie made the most important points. That bill is only a gross excuse to continue milking the people and feed the Federal government's buddies and servants.

Like this nation's housewives would feel or be safer with more bureaucratic leeches. Yeah, right.

On a tangential topic: how about NOT trying to grab their guns (and everybody else's, for that matter), instead?

My wife has guns. You think she'd need DEAR BIG GOVERNMENT and a stupid hypocritical act and its penpushers to protect herself, should I go loco and become violent or something else?


Meet the bill sponsors, Mr. Leahy and Crapo:

TWO Beautiful Hypocrites. Or morons. Or whatever.

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