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Comment: This has been ongoing

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This has been ongoing

I assume things will get worse as pot will eventually become completely legal. There's no way (that I know of) for any LEO to honestly assess a person under the influence of pot nor any way of testing. Other than a sobriety check which could ( i.e. will) be biased.

In CA you hire a lawyer to show that pot stays in the system for around a month, thus throwing out the case. Of course that costs $1500.

Disclosure: I don't smoke pot so not the best post but it still bugs me.

Hasn't our own govt done tests that show stoned drivers drive as well or better than "sober" drivers? I won't even do hands free cellphone stuff. That's definitely far more dangerous. But it should be up to the person and their insurance company.

The cops need to stick to violent crimes and leave our roadways alone. We are allowed free passage. I walk whenever possible personally. Anything below 5 miles round trip. It's good for the body and the car, driving less than 5 miles is bad for a car and where most accidents occur.