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Comment: Yes you are.

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Yes you are.

Pawnstorm below would have us yelling to the rooftops about how wrong the gubbermint is then when we get a chance to show that we're principled and it's well within our ability to do so, by choice, we fail. If enough people did those stupid moves, this whole movement would be washed up in no time.. we'd lose ANY chance to sway truth seekers to our side.

I have to use their money system..

I have to pay taxes or spend the rest of my life going in and out and right back in prisons if I didn't pay taxes.

I am working towards ending my tax debt and setting up my retirement by saving money and bringing my economic footprint down to almost nothing, relatively speaking. DO we need to live in a 3br house? nope.. Do I need a new car? Nope.. so on and so on..

I'll be building a little shack in the woods not soon enough and the government can kiss my ass while I STILL have the comforts that everyone else has.

We don't need 95% of the junk we buy.

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