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Well after all this time

I have 2 chins and it takes two sticks to keep it (them) up.. But your concern for me is very heartening. I love how your thread draws me into socializing with others. It has been years since I've reached out to anyone. I certianly was not looking for sympathy, but only glad for the chance to connect with others who love music. We as a couple listened to Ya"ll come back Saloon" by the Oak Ridge Boys as I was in extreme labor and I was walking in circles arouond the coffee table. he was dozing on the couch, but whenever I came to a standstill in pain he would say " keep walking". He loved me and kept a record of my contractions. Finally it was morning and our beauiful daughter was born. She is the one who turned me on to Foo Fighters, Green day, and Queens of the Stone age. I tried to turn her on to Rolling Stones, Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix.. Jimmy took.