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Comment: Please do your own research...

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Please do your own research...

Please do your own research, I feel it is important to prove things to yourself. If you decide to take my advice, you will find that our media ownership is consolidated to an extreme extent. An illusion of choice, the illusion of variety. One can also link these large corporations, our information gatekeepers, to their parent companies or subsidiary companies that are invested in the perpetual war machine. All one has to do is follow the money. For example, Why would GE, forty nine percent owner of nbc, report on the war(s) when they have government contracts to cash in on? Or, do you think these monolithic corporations would want to risk millions of dollars in advertising revenue by reporting on the harmful effects of the pharmaceutical industry on their nightly news channel? They wouldn't, and they don't.

Now why would the media be complicit in bashing, marginalizing, mocking and out right ignoring Ron Paul, you ask? Could it be because Paul was calling for an end to the gravy train? He was calling for the end of the federal reserve. He was calling for an end to all the conflicting interests, the special interests. You have heard of that revolving door in DC, right?