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My Response

F You. I built it. I didn't compel your tax slaves to build me roads, you did. Had I had the choice, I would have contracted for road use or rail service with private entities who neither give nor expect public charity, and paid for them using funds which were extorted from me in the form of involuntary taxes.

I didn't compel your tax slaves to educate my workers, either. You did. Had I had the choice, I would have either educated my workers on my own and in contract with them, in exchange for their labor, using the funds which you extorted from me as taxes. Or I would have hired workers who were privately educated, a choice they would have been free to make, using those same funds.

But I had no such choice. Nor did your tax slaves. Don't let's pretend that those roads and those educated workers could not have been provided by anything else but a government run system. They could have - only better, cheaper and easier - with no skin off the backs of anyone else unwilling to pay for them.