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Comment: Happens all the time.

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Happens all the time.

Happens all the time.

I never liked the up/downvote system. Not just on the DP, but in general. I noticed it can often lead (not always, of course) to some bias, either way. A trend of downvotes can degenerate, just as trends of upvotes can, too.

If it were me only, I'd have either nothing or only an upvote system (no downvoting possibility).

Thus, a very disapproved post would just have its number of votes equal to zero, that'd show that really no-one agrees or appreciates (at all).

A "lame" post would have only a few votes.

At the other end, outstanding posts would have huge numbers of votes.

But again, I don't pay much attention to votes, rather, to the quality of comments instead (to my taste, anyway - always subjective).

Sorry for this digression. ;)

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