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Comment: Mark Hansen is right. Welcome to the DP!

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Mark Hansen is right. Welcome to the DP!

1 day? So what? It's the truth. Look up his claims. I did, only took a few min of my time to see that what he said in his post is truthful. Both of us are DP'ers of over 5 years, and I most humbly and respectfully encourage you to pls welcome new members. Don't make them feel unwelcome on their 1st day pls. Thanks man. New blood makes us stronger.

Welcome to the DP Mark Hansen!

I applaud Warrens 1 liners on asking when a wall street banker was taken to trial, however, that's just red meat for the democrats. Therefore, even liberaltarians, (former dems turned libertarian who still hold some progressive views), but not constitutionalists and peleo-conservatives, are going to eat from her trough when she says something we all want to hear. That doesn't make her an ally by a long shot. She's pro-fed. "Government is the answer to wall street", etc. Not a true free market champion. Don't be fooled DP. Is bringing wall street bankers to trial an issue we can work with her on? Absolutely! That's what Ron would do. Rand worked with Feinstein on adding provisions to the NDAA to protect us from indefinite detention. Did he work with her on her anti-2nd amendment bill? Hell no!

Defense has no further questions, your honor. Prosecutor, your witness.

Thanks for your time DP.