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Comment: The Republican party can never be trusted

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The Republican party can never be trusted

Take Over the Republican Party?
Posted on May 17, 2012 by Lew Rockwell
It's like trying to take over the Gambino Family. In Nevada, the mob known as the RNC is joining with the Romney Family to set up a new party to bypass the Paulians. The establishment group will be seated in Tampa. It's like the 1952 convention, when Eisenhower stole the nomination from Taft by tossing out Taft delegations, under the aegis of Earl Warren, and seating Ike establishmentarians instead. Warren was rewarded with the chief justiceship of the Supremes, and wreaked huge harm. The Republican party can never be trusted. It is, after all, an adjunct of the federal government. (Thanks to Eric Garris)