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Comment: I think the fluoride worked.

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I think the fluoride worked.

When the cops killed that little girl with a flash grenade, that was our "V for Vendetta" moment. That SHOULD have brought every parent in this country to the streets, it should have resulted in exposure of the corruption in our "law enforcement" system (a cause Chris Dorner is now a martyr for.)
I've been telling people here that the Franklin Scandal is still going on, and that the pedophilia ring reaches from hometown copper to the White House, people still refuse to pay attention. So, stuff like this just keeps happening:
In all realms of "authority"
Including in our "hometown"
And being ignored:

(Those are all stories I found in the last 24 hours news cycle.)

Nothing enrages Americans enough to stand together. We would much rather find our differences and fight about them than learn to agree to disagree when we must but stand our common ground when we can.
We allow the TSA to molest our children, teach them to tolerate it. We have "mental health" professionals who protect suspected pedophiles because they view it as a "sexual orientation" and think jail is too harsh. We have cops who come in and humiliate entire families to intimidate entire schools, and still...
Everyone reports to their cubicle every day to churn the FRN and keep paying for their enslavement.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.