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Comment: It is too vague to be practical.

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It is too vague to be practical.

I am sorry, I do agree that restoration of real law is our only hope, but we are dealing with a numbed down, dumbed down populace. There are MANY people in the "liberty movement" already who cannot get a handle on this stuff, myself included. The "just do this" stuff is always stuff that I am not in a position to bear the consequences. I cannot allow a simple traffic stop to disrupt my life with endless court battles, I have a farm and I live 2 1/2 hours from the state capital and 1 hour from the county seat - ONE WAY. I can't even afford the extra gas to go to court.
My husband simply defended against a ticket, plead not guilty. He had to take 2 days off work, and lost anyway.
To break free, we need a basic recipe. Simple steps, something people can do all at once and visibly, so they can have the sense of support that comes with mass action.
"United We Strike" is more what I think would work, but Karen has been trying to get that off the ground for years, and it gets no traction. People will not even PLAN a vacation day to participate.
I wish this stuff would get simplified to a "user friendly" form, but as it is... The big "my friend's success story" I used to tell is now the "my friends were victims of SWAT raid" story, and they are definitely related.

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