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Fishy - Hang in there

My 22 year old daughter is still resisting much of what I tell her but its not because she doesn't believe me, its because she refuses to step outside her comfort zone. I keep a steady flow of information directed at her and I will never give up on helping her wake up but I have to be strategic in dealing with her. However, I don't waste my time on people that I don't love who don't show any interest in knowing whats really going on. There are too many people that need help for me to try and force the message of freedom and liberty down the throats of people who just don't care.

One thing you can be sure of...when TSHTF and MORE government is offered up as the solution...a lot of people (like your daughter I'm gussing)who have been dismissing everything we say will have an "ah ha" moment. One of the most improtant things that WE in the liberty movement are making available to our friends, family, and neighbors is an option OTHER than MORE STATE POWER. Its Freedom vs Slavery.

One thing I found when I devoted the rest of my life to this movement is that you MUST love your children MORE than you love yourself. At age 50 I don't expect I'm going to experience true freedom in my lifetime...but I'm confident that my daughter and future generations WILL get to live in a MUCH more free society.

Also, instead of fighting with your daughter about schuel, anytime you have her kids, just make sure you use some of that time to de-program them and teach them things that matter. Put ZERO emphasis on their grades from their schuel. The best you can do for your grandkids unti your daughter wakes to "covertly" help them un-learn the socialist ideals and State worship indoctrination they are "learning" in Scheul.

And don't be afraid of public schuels. Sure they are bad and sure they are at best pointless...but, we all went through basically the same type of schuels and we turned out ok. Kids are much more resilent than we give them credit for and the chances of your grandkids getting shot or arrested at scheul are still extremely low.

Cheer up fishy. You seem beat down lately. Churp up! :-)