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Anyone operating as a person

Anyone operating as a person using a United States citizen title to receive a federal benefit, such as public schooling, must follow all orders, codes, statutes, or decrees of superior officers.

The reason [C]ommercial [O]ffense [P]ractitioner'[S] exist is to keep junior government agents in line while deriving a gain or receiving a benefit.

Since the American people are too busy enjoying chains of federal servitude to demand any liberty I am for more cops arresting more kids. Maybe if there were more cops to arrest all kids disobeying rules the pathetic compliant nature of humanity seeking authority external to self would be put on full display when everybody realized nobody was going to do anything about it.

Since the IRS got a huge addition to its payroll I am optimistic there is plenty of opportunity to greatly increase the swarm of officers eating out of our substance.