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Comment: Conventional or Organic farming is also bad for the enviornment

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Conventional or Organic farming is also bad for the enviornment

Tilling the soil to kill the weeds, common organic/conventional farmer practice, exposes the land to terrible erosion. Before no till, my father used to stay up at night when it rained, just thinking what would be left of the fields the next day. Erosion is one of the most dangerous types of environmental damages caused by farming. It pollutes rivers through sediments and nitrogen runoff (manure), destroys soil structure rendering fields unarable for years or even decades, lowers crop yields, damages neighbors fields that are downhill or downstream, causes flooding of cities and other people's crops....

Organic farmers utilize manure and other natural fertilizers, which at times can contaminate ground water or river or basically any water source; much the same way that normal chemical fertilizer does.

Organic pesticides can be just as dangerous to the environment, and in some cases even worse. Many require several applications because they are not as effective. Just because a pesticide is derived from natural sources doesn't mean that it is safe for the environment.

Yes the Chinese and the Russians starved because of their governments getting involved in the food market. So let's keep the government out of the food market in the USA. Allow the market to decide what is better or not. Don't allow the government to decide if transgenics are safe or not, that will be decided by the market. Don't create regulations on what can be planted or not, the market will decide. The more government involvement in agriculture, the less food we farmers can produce. Total government control of food production will equal the famine that occurred in Russian and China.