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Alot of answers here

"But wait a minute, what about those people who are already trying to come out of Egypt/Babylon, and are suffering persecution for their efforts, and perhaps you are one of them? Are you someone who is living as best he can without using a Social Security Number, opted out of the income tax system, driving a car without a state-issued license and license plates, etc., and dealing with all of the bureaucratic and "legal" attention that goes along with it? With the good intention of becoming more successful fighting the enemy, some "freedom-lovers" manage to find and form groups with like-minded people (strength in numbers). These well-intentioned people keep getting themselves into trouble because they don't understand what the Bible says, and they don't understand that God has already told them all this is going to happen, and He's told them exactly what to do to put it right. He will let them get into trouble, and you'll have Wacos, and you'll have all sorts of other problems until you turn back to God in your affliction, you seek Him early, and return to His Law."

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain