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Comment: I feel ya...

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I feel ya...

As I believe I've mentioned to you before, my "awakening" cost me the relationship of both my parents and both my sisters. I haven't seen or spoken to any of them in 2 years and its entirely possible that my Dad is no longer living.

I'd have a difficult time coming up with any possible situtation where my relationship with my daughter would ever deteriorate to any signifcant degree. We have always been close, I've never intentionally lied to her about anything in my life, and I let her do anything she wanted to do growing up as long as I didn't feel she would be doing something unsafe.

My wife and I threw off the chains of religion several years ago and my daughter is still a little bit religious but shes doesn't go to church and doesn't read the bible so I think shes safe. ;-O

Good luck in resolving whatever the problems are. As longs you are doing and saying what you know in your heart to be right...its not really your place to force any issue with your daughter. (in my opinion of course)

I've become a markedly different person since I "woke up". Although I love my daughter dearly, if I knew she was safe and happy it would no longer end my world if I never saw her again. All I truly want for her is to be happy. I hope that inculdes me but if it doesn't, I can now live with that. I had no idea how much stress my parents and sisters caused me. I used to drink heavily, have a terrible time sleeping, and worried WAY too much about those relationships. Now that they have been severed...I rarely drink, I sleep like a baby, and I don't worry about $hit!

If someone told me 5 years ago that God, my parents, and sisters would no longer be a part of my life and I would be happier than ever...I would have called them insane. I would have expected to drink more, be more depressed, and have lost much of my reason for living. It turned out to be the exact opposite! ...and I'm loving every minute of it!