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Who Cares...

A 'forum-community' (LMAO) largely made up of touchy-feely, peace & loveniks, many seemingly worshiping and hanging on the words of a man and his son. What a strange paradigm.

Get something clear...I am not after your respect, or your acceptance. Not knowing any of you, your respect and your acceptance is utterly meaningless to me.

I am simply here to lay out some brutal, hard truths and attempt to illustrate the fallacy of much that is commonly accepted by getting right down to the bottom-line of things.

That is my chosen way of working to stave off what I see as nearly inevitable and although it is wildly unpopular, all you need do is ignore me and what I say if it doesn't suit you.

If you take issue with the substance of anything I say, bring it on, we can agree to disagree ultimately.

If not and, rather, you get your delicate-feelers hurt by my blunt style and occasional displays of disdain, well, that is an issue for you to grapple with because I simply don't care.

Anything else?