Comment: There is of course a threshold with respect

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There is of course a threshold with respect

to the proportion of the population which can be reached with the truth, and it is dependent upon age.

[One of the best things that can and will happen--and I hate to say it--which will really hit MSM hard will be when the older generation(s) die off. Also, this will be the time when elderly B-Boomers are so incapacitated that they can no longer vote. (LOL! But first we must either 1. return to paper ballots, and / or 2. eliminate secret voting and vote instead as public declaration.)]

Ironically, for all the good that this generation has done for our country, it is the most willfully ignorant of what is really happening in our society and with our hijacked government. And these folks sit around and absolutely absorb MSM shite, as they are largely allergic to the types of technology upon which we depend for real, verifiable information gathering these days. Their participation in MSM shite delivers the $$$ through the advertising-to-product-purchase chain, etc. which gives MSM its parasitic strength. (Well, and the soap operatic world of televised sports, too.)

I mean not to be harsh or agist; it is simply the sad truth of our situation. And of course I don't smush ALL older folk into this rather mean characterization either, mind. Some--albeit few--become more radical as they grow older (a la Ben Franklin) or have always been freedom-minded. [I keep trying to challenge my WSJ-soaked, Bush family-respecting father to do this! : ) I mean, just to challenge authority for the sake of it....]

But now that I think about it, at least this generation cannot literally be a physical challenge to any struggle for freedom; whereas younger ignorant people of greater physical means can join the stormtroopers if so motivated upon hearing things like "Domestic terrorists AKA liberty and patriot folk hate our freedom." We'll certainly have our hands full dealing with these types, especially when money dries up and food becomes scarce, etc. , and they will need to feed their meat-head, fatty children and keep them in video games.

What would the Founders do?