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Comment: Ms. Warren Is Not The Fed?

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Ms. Warren Is Not The Fed?

I understand your point Miguel, it would've been more accurate for me to say Ms. Warren is a Fed tool, or a front for the Fed. What I'm pointing out is that the left/right paradigm is a front for financial elites who essentially control both parties. The left/right paradigm is used to play both sides of an issue as a means to divide and conquer the people. In the video, Warren is playing the good cop and regulators are the bad cops. And the good cop, bad cop routine is performed by individuals who are on the same team.

The title of my website is "Citizens United: Government of, by and for The People, not superpac's". The objective is to expose the left/right paradigm as a fraudulent scheme and unite concerned citizens who've fallen prey to this divisive strategy. The URL of my website is: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)