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Comment: You bring up many great points

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You bring up many great points

but I think your conclusions are just a little short-sighted. To be more clear, I think you give up just before the finish line.

When I look at the more problematic groups of today, I don't see as much a choice of being that way, I see it as doing the best they can WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE AVAILABLE.

For example, today's Gen-X is only asleep because they don't know any better (indocrination / propaganda) and they have no idea how things really could be. In short, they have no vision with respect to liberty and freedom. I don't see the solution to this as force feeding them and telling them that their world should be boycotted. I see the answer as allowing them to see the cracks in the system and letting their curiosity take over.

With the older generation, they don't see the capabilities of today's technology as holding the vast potential it does. Sure, there could be pitfalls along the way, but the people are ultimately in charge and they must be both informed of what needs to be done (Gen-X) and informed exactly how much power they have (Gen-Eric).

This project is a tool that offers both in a way that each can relate to. It has a social network type of attraction without the distractions that people fall into while in that environment.