Comment: Voting is a two pronged fork

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Voting is a two pronged fork

When looking at the entire system of voting, we must really ask exactly what do we want.

The answers I've come to and received from nearly EVERYONE is the following:
People want the genuine wishes of the people to be tallied accurately.
People want corruption to either be stopped or instantly visible.
People want a system where 'games' cannot manipulate the vote.
And lastly but less defined is that people want the real scoop on exactly what they are voting on.

I addressed this with another proposal a couple months ago. In short, it solves the first 3 of those through the way votes from the states, counties and precincts are reported to the national level. It basically makes all of that process completely visible in real time without exposing any private information or vote choices. Everyone who cares to look can instantly see where in the chain a vote no longer matches the originally intended choice. The way it does this is also entirely transparent so any manipulation of the process is visible as well. The cool part is that if and when this system becomes trusted, it can slash the cost and speed up the process so that referendums are no longer a time/budget burden. (Read that as recalls!) In short, takes the individual's vote and instantly publishes it to be compared to what the establishment says it was throughout the rest of the chain.

In regards to the 'gaming' and part of the last requirement above, I also advocate that we install a type of voting called the alternative vote. With the changes above to count it automatically, this method would be very easy to implement. What it does is it allows people to vote in ranked fashion for everyone they want. This stops the roadblock of "voting against the worst evil". Had this been in place in '08/'12, I believe RP would have received a majority, leaving the other two to split less than 30%.