Comment: Amen The Rothschild mafia Crime family has perpetuated

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Amen The Rothschild mafia Crime family has perpetuated

A multigenerational Genocide against humanity for six hundred years. THeir MO is to use digitized counterfit creation of sovereign curencies to own everything hidden under several layers of corporate ownership with shill puppets installed to take orders.

They use false debt to foist any and every immorality upon humanity. They have enslaved humanity into false debt extortion and war genocieds.

Yet so many just complain about the elections or the media or the politions, the president or the CRF or the Bilederburg. But the truth is every trail to every evil follows back to the Mafia Bauer family who changed their name to Rothschild. They are the head of the snake.

Some say if you lop of the head this snake will just grow itself back. I say lop it off and when the next head pops out lop it off to.

Its time to re institute a human ban upon USURY as the worst crime possible worse than murder because it murders the children of future generations. It will be the extinction of humanity if the ROthschild mafia is not stopped soon. Then million thumbs up for your post.