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Comment: I don't know

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I don't know

but what I do know is that I don't think it's best to promote it as a liberty / libertarian / political tool. To attract people from all genres and whom have widely varied interests, it is actually benign of all opinions. It is nothing more than a tool for truth in both fact, history and genuine public opinion. It relies on people to ask a question for something to be included. Others then fill that question with related info.

Should someone visit because they are really interested in what Brittany Spears is wearing at the Grammy's, they can get that and they learn that this is an truly unbiased site. Then, while visiting, they just might happen to learn that her clothes were made in a sweatshop and they'll see the links, documentation and other relevant info supporting that. If they follow that lead, they may end up at corruption somewhere in the chain. Since we all here know that virtually all corruption existing today stems from the big bank oppression of wealth, this may just wake up that person with no further prodding.