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Comment: I love my butcher.

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I love my butcher.

He sells all natural, grass fed beef that he butchers one at a time on site... although I am about 6 months from butchering my own!
Wal-Mart - bad numbers for February and now this. It would be SO ironic if "the collapse" began with Wal-Mart going under. My husband's story that he has told for decades...
Dad would hunt, fish, raise and butcher cows, hogs, chickens to feed his family. He was a high school drop out.
I know how to hunt, fish, and can raise and butcher chickens, but I go to work and use money to buy groceries to feed my family. I was a high school drop out.
My children both graduated from public schools. If the electric door at Wal-Mart breaks, they will be unable to feed their families.
This was supposed to be a joke, and it used to be funny.

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