Comment: They own the money supply

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They own the money supply

Own it. They create it out of nothing and lend it at interest. Individuals get paid from your income taxes--directly. It's really hard to wrap you head around the fact that they own the money, not they saved up a bunch of money or they earned a bunch of money, they create it, they own it, they control it. I think people think money is some natural thing that just exists and families like the Rothchilds are just really tied-in with it and have a bunch of it, when the reality is, the Rothchilds invented modern money and own it outright. When you pay taxes, you pay them. When you pay for a hotdog, you pay them. You know that dollar in your front pocket, it is owed back to them. If all debts were paid, there would be no money because every red cent has been created and loaned by them.