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Comment: I don't know why, but.....

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I don't know why, but.....

While reading this something popped into my mind....

That is, I think this was/is being done -in part- in attempts to bring down the numbers of local food resources.

Jack Blood did a piece on this 2-15-13 and sez they've found some ought MILLION POUNDS of horse meat going. They're taking wild hurds from WY & MT and selling to processor(s) in CA. for $50 per head.

That said I think we should start thinking about how we can help out our local wild game hurds/stocks a little more. Like deer, rabbit, burdz, horse etc.

I'd like to put out something at my place for deer to keep em around, but got a fast movin twisty road near by and that would hurt em more than help.

It'd be good for us and good for them. A Win, win for all....

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