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Comment: Reports of Gold's Demise is an exaggeration.

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Reports of Gold's Demise is an exaggeration.

Dumpster Diver Grabs No Gold Dumped by Soros Nor Paulson.
Submitted by Mark Twain on Sat, 02/16/2013

Dumpster-Divers offers you free pickup. Our drivers do the heavy lifting for you. They are prompt, courteous & friendly. Our promise is to keep your rubbish area completely clean of unwanted gold or silver. Operators are standing by.

Manhattan Bankers offer free checking. They too are also prompt, courteous & seemingly friendly; however, they are "practiced in the art of deception" as well. They tend to exaggerate their reports of gold dumping. Similarly, their transparency tales of elastic currency are also a bit of a stretch. Further & further, "As Time Goes By."

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