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I understand

I understand about learning the concepts, point well taken. However, concepts are reinforced with examples... and what better example than to name the example? Why do you think no one even knows who they are? They own all the networks, either directly or indirectly, they are keeping their name a secret as much as possible... why? THEY OWN THE WORLD, THEY CONTROL THE GOVERNMENTS! The United States is like a chess piece to them!

I didn't know who they were. This is a multi-century family that caused all the wars. Think of all the good honorable people going to their deaths, and for things they thought were real. I'm tired of the show, I want to take the blue pill... or is it the red pill? Pull back the curtain and show everyone the wizard.

Why keep going on discussing how the buildings fell in 9/11? Why keep talking about Obama? If I wanted to do that I would still be listening to Rush Limbaugh or Genn Bleck.