Comment: Being "racist" is hard-wired into all human beings.

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Being "racist" is hard-wired into all human beings.

Moreover, preferring and advocating for one's own race does not make a person a criminal. Harming others who are innocent is what defines criminality and immorality. The label of "racist" is essentially meaningless. And Duke always reiterates that he does NOT believe one race (his) is superior to others, just that his race also has a right to exist and live unmolested, as do all other races. So, rpcongress, maybe you should listen to what the man actually says and stop swallowing the MSM Koolaid being served to you every day. And BTW, Duke goes out of his way to appreciate Jews, as well as blacks and others, who are fighting the good fight for true integrity and mutual respect in the world. He is not hostile to other races, just to the anti-white racism and bigotry which is now rampant in the US -- in large measure because of the crap put out by Hollywood, the media and others with the power to persuade and legislate.