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Hoka hey

but I guess not today, my friend, and I am glad you bounced.
Do you have a good herbalist available? If you can find Arnica Montana, the REAL stuff, not homeopathic (although both is even better) you may find it a blessing on the aches and pains. My husband once lost a shot at a millworking job over it... :) He and another young man were given a competitive chance at one opening, sent them to pulling green-chain. I fed my husband homeopathic arnica and he rubbed down with the liniment a couple times a day. At the end of the week, the other guy could hardly move he was so sore, Mark was fit as a fiddle. So they decided Mark must not have been working hard enough and gave the other guy the job - lol!
And I am so sorry about the people, I can only echo Jesus... They know not... I would say "Hand them a list of possible side effects" but these are the same type of people who simply do not believe bad things could possibly happen to them. Even when bad things keep happening to them...
You are not "disabled" you have been mislabeled. I am sorry that was done to you, or to anyone. There was a time we cherished our elders, even the ones who probably didn't really deserve it. We excused them with things like "eccentric" and "curmudgeon" but now we just treat them like another mark to shake down.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.