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Comment: You would want medication too

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You would want medication too

if you had to deal with antagonistic atheists like yourself!

Seriously though, I am in one of the top ten states and I can see that too many are on medications. There are lots of reasons I think apply. One is that being a hypocrite is even more stressful than being wicked for a lot of the time. When religion is dominant in a society some people jump on board not because they really believe, but because they want to fit in. That brings on stress.

Another thing is that Christians in particular are going to be very reluctant to break the law, and in the case of Mormons and Southern Baptists they are not even supposed to drink alcohol. I don't need prescription drugs to cope, but a nice glass of wine every once in a while helps. Maybe someone up north would just drink or smoke pot, while in a religious state the only "acceptable" way to do it is prescription drugs.

I also think that poverty adds stress, and most of those states are quite poor, but also to be a Christian means you already have admitted that you "can't cope" with being righteous. So just by the nature of the group you have people that already know they need help. Maybe there is some bledover (ie-they will also be quick to reach to the pills for help)

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