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Try to put everything aside for just a minute

We live in "Babylon" and argue over words when we have agreement on core concepts.
We are hardwired to "imprint" on our parents. except in the relatively rare cases of mixed race couples or cross race adoption, that means we imprint on people of our own race.
Then we learn to socialize with our extended family - usually the same race.Then we learn to interact and trust people in our neighborhood, often the same race. Our churches, often the same race.
It is not deliberately conditioning anyone to be racist, but we do tend to "segregate" ourselves, when left alone. It is something that would have served us well when tribal warfare was common in our species... Oh, it still is... Anyway, to recognize that something innate in us trusts our own race more than others is a required step to truly transcending racism. It means we looked at something that was conditioned into us with our rational mind, and freed ourselves from the incorrect belief.
It took David Duke longer than some to do that, but he has. To continue to hold him in your mind as the person he was is no better than "racism."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.