Comment: The American people are truly slaves...

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The American people are truly slaves...

to the Zionist masters of humanity. The Zionist masters control our weak and greedy politicians. They control them through the fear of assassination if the money is not accepted as a way of dominance. They control them through the fear of murdring their families of EVERY one of their generations still living. Witness, Kennedy, and I could, as you know, name 10 more right now.

They control us by paying to have our God removed from our schools, now, indoctrination centers.

They control us by placing unqualified Zionists in our Supreme Court to rule the land.

They control us by killing us on the USS Liberty. They didn't attack the Liberty by chance. They attacked LIBERTY by design.

They control us by killing us! 9/11. Aurora. Sandy Hoax. Kennedy. Just today, Rachel Maddow, Zionist, labeled the Russians who propose different, conjectural theories about the recent meteor as "truthers"!
They must, forever, permeat the sheeple airwaves with their "reminders" to ridicule the TRUTH.

They control us through divide and conquer. When we, the people rise up, and we will, prepare to be murdered in cold blood. This is same warning someone should have told the politician that took the job in the first place, "Are you prepared to give your life for LIBERTY?" If not, go back to snookie and leave this work to a stronger person. Perhaps, call your great fathers back from their resting places. Or, be a true American.

Who controls you? It is not you, my friend.
Voltaire was exactly right.

I KNOW the American people are waking up. Prepare for the enemy. Destroy them for what they have done to us and NEVER sleep again.

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